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Do's and do not's

DO’s & DO NOT's



1. Be yourself! Go to your usual bars, clubs, restaurants, or hang out with friends – now with the bonus of introducing our products.  


2. Create organic, meaningful conversations about our products in your natural social settings.  


3. Leverage your social media presence to showcase our products in your everyday life.  


4. Gather insights and feedback from your social interactions to help us tailor our offerings.  


5. Promote our brand in a responsible, compliant, and engaging manner.  


6. Collaborate with our marketing team to develop authentic promotion strategies.  


7. Capture and share your experiences, turning every outing into a potential earning opportunity.  





This is a list of DO NOTs. Violation of these rules may result in criminal penalties, legal action, and termination of position.  

1. Do NOT make any medical claims.  


2. Do NOT consume/inhale any of our products in public.  


3. Do NOT bother or harass anyone. If a person is not interested, respectfully move on. 


4. Do NOT make false or misleading claims. 


5. Do NOT promote, suggest, or recommend any of our products to anyone under the age of 21. 


6. Do NOT misrepresent the company. Your actions and behaviors must align with our values at all times. 


7. Do NOT operate heavy machinery or engage in any activity that requires you to not be impaired, if you have consumed/inhaled any of our products. 


8. Do NOT use or create unapproved marketing materials. All marketing materials must be approved by Twin Buds management. 

9. Do NOT consume our smokable products in public.


10. Do NOT engage in any illegal activity. 


**** These guidelines are designed to help you represent Twin Buds in an appropriate manner and to protect you from any potential legal issues with law enforcement. 


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