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Retail Program Introduction

Required Retail Ambassador

Retail Program Overview


  • Earn a 5% commission every time a store/shop uses your unique Retail discount code. Commissions are calculated based on the product price, with shipping and taxes excluded. You will receive a unique Retail discount code.

  • Retail Orders are usually much larger than individual orders. They can range anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars!


  • You will be assigned a territory.

  • You must work within the territory. Please do not attempt to make sales outside of your territory before speaking with us. 


  • We will periodically check your progress and performance. We understand success doesn't happen overnight, but we need to make sure we are getting the most out of our territories.

  • We reserve the right to terminate you from the Retail Program at our discretion.

Retail Program Basic Roadmap

1. Identify the stores you want to target.

2. Call in advance to see what time the manager/owner is in the store.

- It is best to speak with the decision makers of the store.

- If you don't call in advance, you will most likely end up speaking to the average employee.

3. Tell them about our products and see what their needs are.

- Focus on the stores needs and how we can help their business!

4. Fill in the Retail Store Info. Hub page for each store. This is how we keep track of what each stores wants!

5. Be creative and see what works best!

- We encourage creativity and out of the box thinking!

- Share your ideas and/or what's working in the Retail Idea Hub.


This is a list of DO NOTs. Violation of these rules may result in criminal penalties, legal action, and termination of position.  

1. Do NOT make any medical claims.  

2. Do NOT consume/inhale any of our products in public. In numerous jurisdictions, public cannabis consumption is legally prohibited, with usage generally allowed in private residences. 

3. Do NOT bother or harass anyone. If a person is not interested, respectfully move on. 

4. Do NOT make false or misleading claims. 

5. Do NOT promote, suggest, or recommend any of our products to anyone under the age of 21. 

6. Do NOT misrepresent the company. Your actions and behaviors must align with our values at all times. 

7. Do NOT operate heavy machinery or engage in any activity that requires you to not be impaired, if you have consumed/inhaled any of our products. 

8. Do NOT use or create unapproved marketing materials. All marketing materials must be approved by Twin Buds management. 

9. Do NOT consume our smokable products in public.

10. Do NOT engage in any illegal activity. 

**** These guidelines are designed to help you represent Twin Buds in an appropriate manner and to protect you from any potential legal issues with law enforcement. 

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